Electrical Lock-out Kits & Safety Log Books

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Accident Record Book
£13.19 £10.99
AOV System Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
CCTV Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
Disabled Call Alarm System Logbook
£13.19 £10.99
Electric Vehicle Charge Point Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
Electrical Installation Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
Emergency Lighting Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
Fire Detection and Alarm System Logbook
£21.00 £17.50
Fire Safety Logbook (Both Fire and Emergency Lighting)
£21.59 £17.99
NICEIC Lockout Kit (Commercial)
£101.80 £84.83
NICEIC Lockout Kit (Deluxe)
£63.60 £53.00
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Lock-out kits are a planned safety procedure which involves turning off the energy supply of domestic circuit breakers and fuses whilst maintenance work or repairs are being carried out. This procedure protects workers from the risks posed by live electricity.

To compliment the lock-out kit we have a range of essential and useful log books covering PAT testing, health and safety, emergency lighting and more.