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Architect's Legal Pocket Book
£32.99 (No VAT Payable)
29% Off!
BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book 2022
Special Price £125.00 (No VAT Payable) Regular Price £174.00
BCIS Building Maintenance Price Book 2023 - 43rd edition
£174.00 (No VAT Payable)
BCIS Dilapidations Price Book 2024 - 10th Edition
£242.00 (No VAT Payable)
BCIS Guide to Estimating for Small Works Price Book 2023 - 29th edition
£79.00 (No VAT Payable)
BCIS Painting and Decorating Price Book 2023 - 30th edition
£60.00 (No VAT Payable)
CESMM4 Revised: Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement
£82.75 (No VAT Payable)
Construction Project Manager’s Pocket Book (2nd Edition)
£29.99 (No VAT Payable)
Estimator's Pocket Book (2nd Edition)
£28.99 (No VAT Payable)
Griffiths Building & Civil Engineering Price Book 2023 (67th Edition) - Book
£170.00 (No VAT Payable)

Welcome to our Pricing Guides department. If you're a builder, construction professional or engineer then our range of the latest, current pricing guides are an essential part of your 'kit'.

We have all the most popular price guides including Spon's, BCIS, RICS, Laxton's, Griffiths, Hutchins, NSR National Schedules & TSI Luckins.