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Gas Safety Book GIUSP (IGEM/G/11) Update Extra Value Pack
£88.19 (No VAT Payable) Regular Price £89.99
Gas Safety Book GIUSP Complete Book (9th Edition - IGEM/G/11)
£60.00 (No VAT Payable)
Liquefied Petroleum Gas Safety On Site Guide (Version 8 - 2023)
£37.35 (No VAT Payable)
NICEIC Domestic Gas On-Site Guide Part 1 & 2 (2022 - V10)
£60.69 (No VAT Payable)
NICEIC Non Domestic Gas On-Site Guide Part 1 & 2 version 11
£60.69 (No VAT Payable)
NICEIC Non-Domestic Gas Safety On Site Guides (PNICNDSG20)
£74.99 (No VAT Payable)
ViperGas Bundle - Full set of 4 books
£169.99 (No VAT Payable)
ViperGas Commercial Natural Gas Appendices
£69.99 (No VAT Payable)
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A popular range of gas safety publications from industry giants NICEIC and ViperGas for the domestic and commercial industries.

You'll find self study workbooks for those looking to pass assesments, gas safety books and useful handbooks for gas engineers out on the road.

Packed full of information and guidance, these are a must have for all gas engineers.