Managing Reality, Third edition. Book 5: Managing Procedures

Managing Reality, Third edition. Book 5: Managing Procedures

By: Bronwyn Mitchell and Barry Trebes

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Publication Details

Details: Paperback, 64 pages.

Publication date: 10/10/2017

Publisher: ICE Publishing

ISBN: 9780727761903

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

Managing Reality is a series of books written by NEC experts that explain how NEC4 can be used to optimum benefit in everyday environments. Together, the books in this series form the complete and authoritative guide to getting the most from NEC4 for your projects.
NEC Managing Reality Book 5 Managing Procedures gives a practical ‘how to’ guide to the procedures described in books 1 to 4. Using example pro formas the book provides step by step guidance on how to apply the most commonly used procedures, and details the actions needed by all parties to comply with the contact. Anyone administering an NEC4 contract will benefit from this book.
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