NEC Managing Reality, 2nd edition. Book 2: Procuring an Engineering and Construction Contract

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Managing Reality is a series of books written by NEC experts well versed in using NEC3 in industry that explains how NEC3 can be used to optimum benefit in everyday environments. Ultimately, this suite of books forms the complete and authoritative guide to getting the most from NEC3 for your projects.

The books are based on usage of the NEC’s core document – the Engineering and Construction Contract – although the principles and procedures they discuss apply equally across all the documents in the NEC suite.

Managing Reality, 2nd edition, places great emphasis on offering ‘practical tips’ at appropriate points in the text and highlighted examples. Standard forms are included with their usage explained together with checklists. Managing Reality, 2nd edition, are practical manuals designed to aid both existing and new users in implementing the NEC, vital for anyone involved in preparing, administering or contributing to a NEC contract.

Managing Reality Book 2 Procuring an Engineering and Construction Contract is for those who need to know how to procure an ECC contract. It covers in practical detail invitations to tender, evaluation of submissions, which option to select, how to complete the Contract Data and how to prepare the Works Information. The use of this guidance is appropriate for employers, contractors (including subcontractors) and construction professionals in general.



1.1 What is procurement?
1.2 Value for money
1.3 The procurement process
1.4 Procurement time cycle
1.5 Procurement strategy
1.6 Contract strategy
1.7 Public sector procurement
1.8 Generic good principles for effective procurement
1.9 Long-term agreements
1.10 How does the ECC contribute to effective ‘partnership’?
1.11 ECC tendering procedure
1.12 From tendering to contract
1.13 Procurement scenarios

Appendix: Assessing tenders

A1.1 Introduction
A1.2 Information to include in the invitation to tender (ITT)
A1.3 Evaluation
A1.4 Conducting the evaluation

Appendix: ECC tender
A2.1 Introduction
A2.2 Header page
A2.3 Letter of Invitation
A2.4 Conditions of Tendering
A2.5 Tender submission documents
A2.6 Contract documents

Contract Options

2.1 Introduction
2.2 ECC main and secondary Options – general
2.3 Main Options
2.4 Priced contracts
2.5 Target contracts
2.6 Cost-reimbursable contracts
2.7 Administering the ECC cost-based contract
2.8 Dispute resolution procedure Options in ECC3
2.9 Secondary Options

Appendix: Audit Plan

A3.1 Introduction
A3.2 Basis of Audit Plan and procedures
A3.3 Main audit objectives
A3.4 Reporting
A3.5 Audit report
A3.6 Goals
A3.7 Amendments to Audit Plan
A3.8 Distribution of Audit Plan
B3.1 Audit objectives
B3.2 Procedures
B3.3 Audit records
C3.1 Audit objectives
C3.2 Audit records
C3.3 Information to be provided by the Project Team
D3.1 Audit objectives
D3.2 Procedures
D3.3 Audit records
D3.4 Information to be provided by the Project Team
E3.1 Audit objectives
E3.2 Procedures
E3.3 Audit records
E3.4 Information to be provided by the Project Team
F3.1 Audit Objectives
F3.2 Procedures
F3.3 Audit records
F3.4 Information to be provided by the Project Team
G3.1 Audit objectives
G3.2 Procedures
G3.3 Audit records
H3.1 Audit objectives
H3.2 Procedures
H3.3 Audit records
H3.4 Information to be provided by the Project Team

Completing the Contract Data

3.1 Introduction
3.2 Structure of the chapter
3.3 Part one of this chapter: choosing the main Option
3.4 Part two of this chapter: choosing the secondary Options
3.5 Part three of this chapter: choosing optional Contract Data statements
3.6 Part four of this chapter: all entries in Contract Data part one by the Employer
3.7 Part five of this chapter: Contract Data part two by the Contractor

Works Information guidelines

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Providing the Works
4.3 What should be included in the Works Information
4.4 Separation of the Works Information and Site Information
4.5 Where the Works Information fits into the contract documents
4.6 Structuring the Works
Information 4.7 Interface management
4.8 General rules in drafting the Works Information
4.9 Site Information

Appendix: Works Information clauses

A4.1 Works Information clauses

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ISBN 9780727757203
Publication Status Current
Publication Date 31/10/2012
Format (Paperback, Hardback etc) Paperback
Brand / Publisher NEC
Publisher ICE Publishing

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