NEC4 Term Service Contract Pack

NEC4 Term Service Contract Pack

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Publication Details

Details: Paperback.

Publication date: 22/06/2017

Publisher: Thomas Telford

ISBN: 9780727763273

Publication Status: Active

Publication Description

NEC4: Term Service Contract Bundle

This extra value pack is intended for the appointment of a supplier to manage a service for a period of time. The NEC4 suite of contracts are designed to help streamline processes, reduce the potential for problems and promoting best practice in procurement.


  • Term Service Contract
  • Term Service Subcontract
  • Term Service Short Contract
  • Establishing a Procurement and Contract Strategy
  • Preparing a Term Service Contract
  • Preparing a Term Service Short Contract
  • Selecting a Supplier
  • Managing a Term Service Contract
  • Managing a Term Service Short Contract

The pack also contains the NEC4 Term Service Short Contract (TSSC) which is an alternative to the NEC3 Term Service Contract and is for use with contracts which do not require sophisticated management techniques, comprise straightforward work and impose only low risks on both the Employer and the Contractor. Also included are the associated guidance notes and flow charts.

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