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BS ISO 44001:2017

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Collaborative business relationship management systems. Requirements and framework
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Publication StatusCurrent
Publication Date01/03/2017
Format (Paperback, Hardback etc)A4
Total Pages72
Brand / PublisherBSI

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Who is the standard for?

BS ISO 44001 started life as PAS 11000 Collaborative business relationships in 2006. It became BS 11000-1 in 2010 and now, just over ten years after the first publication, has become an international standard. It is applicable to private and public organizations of all sizes, from large multinational corporations and government organizations, to non-profit organizations and micro/small businesses. It will be particularly relevant to organizations in long term contracts in areas such as: 

  • construction
  • transportation
  • defence
  • facilities management

What does the standard cover?

BS ISO 44001 specifies requirements for the effective identification, development and management of Collaborative Business Relationships within or between organizations.

Application of and/or compliance with this document can be on several different levels, for example:

  • a single application (including operating unit, operating division, single project or programme, mergers and acquisitions)
  • an individual relationship (including one-to-one relationships, alliance, partnership, business customers, joint venture)
  • multiple identified relationships (including multiple partner alliances, consortia, joint ventures, networks, extended enterprise arrangements, and end-to-end supply chains)
  • full application organization-wide for all identified relationship types

How is the standard different from BS 11000-1?

The opportunity to build on the experiences of BS 11000-1 has produced some rationalisations and greater clarity of requirements as follows:

  • Although the structure has changed, the founding principles and key requirements have been retained
  • The inclusion of the ISO High Level Structure (HLS) has increased the number of requirements. However some will have been addressed already by organizations implementing an HLS standard or standards.
  • The wording of some requirements has been simplified by moving guidance to Annex G.
  • Additional annexes have been developed to aid understanding Annex E clarifies the exit strategy and Annex F provides background on the different terminologies for relationships.
  • The focus on competence and behaviours has been reinforced throughout the High Level Structure and the lifecycle.
  • A specific requirement on value creation and the establishment of a value analysis process has been introduced.
  • Evaluation of the business case has been expanded along with a new clause on defined engagement strategy
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