BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024

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Explosive atmospheres - Electrical installations inspection and maintenance

What is BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 - Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres about?

The highest possible levels of safety are essential when purpose-designed electrical equipment is deployed in explosive atmospheres. BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 is the latest version of the international standard that tells you how to inspect and maintain such equipment.

Who is BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 - Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres for?

This document is for use in industries where explosive atmospheres of gas, vapour, mists, and dusts may be present, typically including oil and gas, chemical, plastics, grain, pharmaceutical, shipping, mining, and coal industries.

Within these industries BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 will be used by a variety of stakeholders such as designers, manufacturers, installers, equipment users, regulators and testing bodies.

What does BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 - Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres cover?

BS EN IEC 60079-17 covers those factors directly related to the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations specifically designed for hazardous areas, where the hazard is caused by explosive atmospheres. It includes requirements for inspection and maintenance of individual items of equipment that will be part of such systems, for example motors or sensors.

BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 does not include:

  • other fundamental installation and inspection requirements for electrical installations
  • the verification of electrical equipment
  • protection or ventilation of rooms
  • gas detection systems
  • the repair, overhaul and reclamation of explosion protected equipment (see BS IEC 60079-19).

NOTE: BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 supplements the requirements for inspection and testing in non-hazardous areas in BS IEC 60364-6 and is intended to be applied where there is a risk due to the potential presence of explosive gas or dust mixtures with air or combustible dust layers under normal atmospheric conditions.

Why should you use BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024 - Electrical installations in explosive atmospheres?

  • It can prevent the loss of life and destruction to the environment.
  • It contributes to risk mitigation and more efficient operations in the industries concerned, reducing the likelihood that employees will be harmed, assets damaged and business costs and reputations negatively impacted.
  • It can be used to confirm the ongoing suitability of equipment for use in hazardous areas.
  • It can be used to ensure that duty holders remain compliant.
  • It helps users develop and maintain up to date expertise.
  • It helps increase confidence in the safety and integrity of electrical equipment in explosive atmospheres.

What’s new about BS EN IEC 60079-17:2024?

This sixth edition cancels and replaces BS EN IEC 60079-17:2014. This edition constitutes a technical revision, the main changes being:

  • Further requirements added regarding Type of Protection “o”
  • New table has been added based on revisions to BS IEC/EN 60079-6 Explosive atmospheres – Part 6: Equipment protection by liquid immersion "o"
  • Some references have been modified to ensure types of inspection align with continuous supervision terms, e.g.: Skilled Personnel and Technical Persons with Executive Function.
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