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BNF for Children (BNFC) 2015-2016

BNF for Children (BNFC) 2015-2016

Details: Paperback.

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Publication date: 28/09/2015

Publisher: Pharmaceutical Press

ISBN: 9780857111647

Publication Status: Active


BNF for Children (BNFC) provides essential practical information to all healthcare professionals involved in the prescribing, dispensing, monitoring and administration of medicines to children. The resource addresses a significant knowledge gap in many areas of paediatric practice by providing practical information on the use of medicines in children of all ages from birth to adolescence, including:

o Guidance on the drug management of conditions affecting children
o Practical advice on topics such as prescription writing and reporting adverse drug reactions
o Hands-on information on prescribing, monitoring, dispensing and administering medicines for childhood disorders
o Comprehensive dosing guidance for children from birth up to 18 years
o Details (including indicative prices) of products on the market as well as reference to many essential products that are not licensed
o Indication of the licensing status of drugs

Recommendations in BNF for Children have been constructed on the basis of authoritative sources, emerging evidence and best practice guidelines. The content has been carefully validated by a network of paediatric experts and the process is overseen by a Paediatric Formulary Committee.

Unique Benefits:

- Resource aimed specifically for use in paediatric medicine; designed to be used in specialist paediatric and general practice settings
- Shares the familiar structure of the BNF
- Includes information on unlicensed use of medicines