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    Guidance Note 8: Earthing and Bonding (3rd Edition)

    Guidance Note 8: Earthing and Bonding (3rd Edition)

    By: IET


    Details: Paperback.

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    Publication date: 23/03/2015

    Publisher: IET

    ISBN: 9781849198837

    Publication Status: VERY LIMITED STOCK


    IET Guidance Note Eight

    Guidance Note 8: Earthing & Bonding provides a comprehensive guide to this subject and has been updated to reflect the changes made in Amendment No. 3.

    Who is Guidance Note 8 for?

    All involved with specifying, designing, installing or verifying electrical installations. The market includes consulting engineers, electricians, electrical installers, inspectors and technicians and can also serve as a guide for surveyors.

    Amendment No. 3 published on 5 January 2015 and came into effect on 1 July 2015. All new installations from this point must comply with Amendment No. 3 to Wiring Regulations BS7671 : 2008