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BCIS Alterations and Refurbishment Price Book 2016

BCIS Alterations and Refurbishment Price Book 2016


Edition: 21st Edition

Details: Paperback.

List Price (RRP): £115.00 (No VAT Payable)

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Publication date: 31/08/2015

Publisher: BCIS Wessex

ISBN: 9781783211111

Publication Status: Out of print

The Alterations & Refurbishment Price Book 2015 focuses on small to medium sized projects, generally working within an existing building and reflecting the increase in costs brought about the reduction in output, smaller discounts, increased carriage, increased supervision, and less productivity brought about by smaller economies of scale, increased production costs, more difficult access and the possibility of working in occupied premises. The dataset is presented in trade order. It is compiled using the latest independent costing information from manufacturers, material and plant suppliers, legislation effects and working rule agreements. The data is produced, edited and quality controlled by Chartered Quantity Surveyors experienced at the 'working face' on both the contracting and professional side of the construction industry.