BS 7273-4:2015

BS 7273-4:2015 Code of practice for the operation of fire protection measures. Actuation of release mechanisms for doors

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Details: A4, 66 pages.

Publication date: 30/06/2015

Publisher: BSI

ISBN: 9780580841156

Publication Status: Active

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Official BSI Distributor

BS 7273-4:2015 Code of Practice for the operation of fire protection measures - Part 4: Actuation of release mechanisms for doors

What is BS 7273-4:2015?

This is a full revision of the standard which applies to electrical control arrangements for actuation of mechanisms that unlock, release or open doors in the event of fire. It is essential to ensure that a building can be safely evacuated, where there are fire doors held open or exit doors that need to be released by the fire alarm system.

BS 7273-4 covers recommendations for the interface between a fire detection and fire alarm system and other fire protection systems and equipment not covered in any other standards, and it's very important to comply buildings with fire safety legislation.

Bernard Laluvein from the Fire Industry Association and Chairman of the FSH/12 BSI Committee says that: “Those using the revised code of practice will be able to better understand the applications of the measures related to the use of mechanism that unlock , release or open doors in the event of fire and how such mechanisms interface with the fire detection and fire alarm system. This better understanding will lead to increased safety of building occupants in the UK”.

Who should use BS 7273-4:2015?

This standard should be used by:

  • Fire alarm manufacturers and installers
  • Enforcing authorities including building control bodies and fire and rescue authorities
  • Fire consultants
  • Fire risk assessors

What's new?

This is a full revision of the standard and introduces the following principle changes:

  • Simplified recommendations and terminology, with some of the commentary text tabulated and moved to new informative annexes
  • Revised diagrams for the siting and spacing of the smoke detectors in relation to electrically held-open fire doors
  • Inclusion of which category of actuation is appropriate for a particular application
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